Listen ideal crossover on headphones

This experiment is try and listen if crossover has any sound in ideal case. Ideal case her means that signal is split into high and low passed signals and then are summed back together all in digital domain. With real loudspeakers the split would happen in digital or eletcric domain and summing would be in acoustic domain.

There are some 2nd and 4th order Linkwitz–Riley filters available to listen as well as few 3rd order Butterworth filters that have 90 degree phase difference.

Hit Start to enable browser start audio. Wait for sound and filter selection to appear, might take few seconds.

Adjust sound volume, 0 - 10. Volume is initially set to 0 to protect your ears.

Audio source


Sample rate: <waiting audio context>
Audio: <waiting audio context>
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Low pass filter:

High pass filter:


Filters are IIR filters whose biquads were exported from VituixCAD with 48kHz sample rate and "Generic" DSP system.
The filters used are listed below:


Speech sample:
Demonte, Philippa (2019): Speech corpus - example of edited audio: Harvard_L01_S01_0.wav. University of Salford. Media.
Violin sample:
Pätynen, J., Pulkki, V., and Lokki, T., "Anechoic recording system for symphony orchestra," Acta Acustica united with Acustica, vol. 94, nr. 6, pp. 856-865, November/December 2008. [Online IngentaConnect]
Happy Clappy Ukulele by Shane Ivers -
Mirã / Lavoura - MM Moods loop,